J’adore layers!

If there’s one thing I love about cool weather in Los Angeles, is that I can finally layer up long sleeves, t-shirts, vests, jackets and everything in between! As you know, I’m all about comfort with some high end details. Nothing like a baggy tee & long vest paired with vegan leather leggings and my favorite chunky boots! As for the bag, I got it for Christmas and is not available online, but some stores might still have it! This entire look (and many of my daily outfits) was highly inspired by my most stylish friend, Sammi!

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Glasses game au point!


Chic à la sportive

Adidas x Daniella Cathari…HOLY PERFECTION! Can we talk about this chic-ass tracksuit for a minute?! I’m very lucky to have scored this in black as it sold out automatically, but it comes in many other colors that I will link below. So being 5’3, these pants are VERY long and I have to wear my tallest heels with for the perfect fit and it’s worth every blister! Everything fits as it should and it’s just so versatile. I can’t wait to wear the track jacket with high waisted jeans, and pair the track pants with a fitted turtleneck! Keep an eye out for those upcoming looks on my Instagram.

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Biker Short + Denim Jacket.JPG

Culottes courtes!

I’ve always been into new fashion trends and try to push the limits. I automatically turn a simple outfit into something more edgy & unique. My closet is 95% black so everything will always have a goth vibe haha, just the way I like it! What I love about this outfit is that you can dress it up or dress it down so easily. Pair the biker shorts and oversized tee with an oversized blazer and platform shoes for a trendy formal look. You want to keep it casual? Easy peasy mon amie! Just pair your shorts and tee with a denim or leather jacket and your favorite sneakers!

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Wide Leg Pants + Cropped Tee 2.JPG

Look repos

This has became my go-to outfit for days off, Sunday brunch or lazy mornings! So easy, so comfy and super cute!

I’ve been a big fan of wide leg pants lately and they look amazing paired with a baggy cropped top and sneakers. If you follow me, you also know that I’m the queen of graphic tees! I can’t get away from them haha. I wear some of them oversized, some tied in a knot, and many times, I bring the scissors and crop them as soon as I get home. So many options to dress ‘em up or down!

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Black Long Skirt - White Tee.JPG

À la mode

I am not one to spend hours getting ready, and I am not one to dress uncomfortably! It's all about keeping it simple, feeling good about yourself and be comfortable.

I paired an a-line buttoned skirt with a tattoo shop t-shirt (or any favorite band tee you may have!). For a very casual look, I picked Saint-Laurent espadrilles, but a pair of Converse would do just as good! As I do almost every day, I grabbed my snake Gucci purse because lets be honest, it is the best! Unfortunately, it has been sold out for a very long time, so I will try my best to link up similar bags at a more affordable price every time it's part of an outfit.

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Green Pants - Gucci Loafers.JPG

Leisure au féminin

Ladies, when it's that time of the month, all we want to wear are sweatpants & pajamas! These pants feel like them, but look so dressed up! Well played, Target! I paired them with a bodysuit because it doesn't requires a bra so it's a win win! To tie up the whole look, I gave it a fancy touch with my favorite Gucci mules.

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